Supplying support to public health agencies.

Our experts provide: concept planning, technical assistance and training, format of dissemination, and implementation of research knowledge to effectively reach target audiences and priority populations. Partnerships involve: government agencies, provider groups, purchasers, policymakers, the continuing medical education community, and patient and consumer organizations.

Selected services include: 

  • Developing strategic KMKT operations;
  • Convening technical expert panels;
  • Translating knowledge, conceptualizing, developing KMKT tools and products for knowledge transfer and implementation activities;
  • Testing tools and educational materials for KMKT;
  • Disseminating and promoting knowledge transfer tools and educational materials;
  • Developing and collecting metrics to determine the effectiveness of knowledge transfer by conducting evaluation studies, including formative and summative evaluations;
  • Providing innovative information management, including developing and managing the design, delivery, operations, and maintenance of web-based, data-based information, and complex systems;
  • Developing web architecture for multi-tiered applications, including ontology and taxonomy and metadata design; and
  • Developing KMKT program management and strategic planning that address both time-critical and long-term project requirements.

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