ChemIDplus Database Administration and Maintenance, NLM, NIH

Providing expertise in Chemistry and Database Management.

Adding and maintaining chemical structures and biomedical data for the National Library of Medicine (NLM) ChemIDplus® and Drug Information Portal databases, which can be searched at

ChemIDplus® is a Web-based search system that provides access to structure and nomenclature authority files used for the identification of chemical substances cited in NLM databases, including the TOXNET® system. ChemIDplus® also provides structure searching and direct links to many biomedical resources at NLM and on the Internet for chemicals of interest. The database contains more than 380,000 chemical records, of which more than 289,000 include chemical structures, and is searchable by Name, Synonym, Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number, Molecular Formula, Classification Code, Locator Code, Structure, Toxicity, and/or Physical properties. The ChemIDplus® database is linked to PubMed® and a variety of other Web resources that provide biomedical information. ChemIDplus® is used by chemists and biological scientists through the world to search for information on compounds that may have biochemical, pharmaceutical, medicinal, and biological importance.

Cygnus' ongoing work includes the following staff responsibilities:

  • Database development, administration, and management;
  • Chemical structures development and maintenance.

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