Linking librarianship, publishing support, and business solutions.

Library Solutions. Cygnus is expert at the performance of specific library tasks such as: cataloging, authority control, catalog maintenance, reference, collection development, acquisitions, interlibrary loan, circulation, serials maintenance, loose-leaf filing, book labels and pockets, inventory and weeding, shelving, and binding preparation. Our staff is trained to create bibliographic descriptions according to the current cataloging rules—RDA: Resource Description and Access as well as the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 2nd edition.

Based on project needs, we classify materials using the Library of Congress Classification, the National Library of Medicine Classification, or the Dewey Decimal Classification. Our staff is trained to create metadata for web resources (video, images, web pages, etc.) and physical resources (books and objects) in MARC21, Dublin Core Metadata Element Set, and others. In anticipation of future clients’ needs, we are closely following the development of the Bibliographic Framework Initiative and the BIBFRAME tools that will replace MARC21 and provide the foundation for the future of bibliographic description in the networked world.

Publisher Solutions. With regard to bibliographic and editorial data management, we can create bibliographic records in MARC21-ready to be imported into a web-accessible catalog. We also build catalogs based on the ONIX data file format using software such as ONIXEDIT, Title Manager, BiblioLIVE, and others. We index books, journals, and databases in various specialty areas such as medicine, life sciences, humanities, and information technology. 

Cygnus staff can provide technical editing, copyediting, and proofreading. We can translate articles and books from/to English and European and Indo-European languages and have the capability to license foreign rights in English, Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, French, and Russian. 

Business Solutions. Information management is an important task for any organization. We search paid databases, libraries, and any relevant sources in English as well as foreign languages, and present the results in a format that best suits the needs of the client. 

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