Management of Grantee Technical Assistance, ACF

Grantee Administration. 

Managing grantee technical assistance; grant program evaluation; peer review assistance; survey design and implementation; and report writing, editing, synthesis, and compilation for the Drug Abuse Prevention Program (DAPP) for Runaway and Homeless Youth, Administration for Children & Families (ACF).

Management services provided for this 2-year project involved three primary objectives:

  • Conducting more than 100 site visits (most of which included assessments of basic shelters for Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs) to program grantees for review of activities and to provide necessary technical assistance for their prevention programs by developing:
    • Site visit protocols; and
    • Evaluation instruments.
  • Designing a comprehensive management information system to:
    • Collect, record, and store;
    • Manipulate and analyze; and
    • Report on youth, families, services, and program costs.
  • Developing innovative public information materials to enhance the quality and quantity of services provided.

In addition, we provided publications services for the annual report to congress on drug abuse prevention programs:

  • Extracting of data from the applications of 1,990 program grantees, and from quarterly reports of 1,989 grantees;
  • Designing and drafting the text for a brochure describing DAPP, which disseminated information about the program to the public and provided additional information about how to apply for a grant;
  • Developing the Annotated Bibliography: A Selection of References in Drug Abuse Prevention to assist DAPP grantees. To compile the bibliography, Cygnus staff members interviewed runaway and homeless youth service providers to:
    • Identify needed and useful resources;
    • Conduct multiple database searches; and
    • Review several hundred books, pamphlets, and articles. 

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