Medical Text Indexer First Line Indexing Pilot Study, NLM, NIH

Testing the feasibility of automated indexing for MEDLINE® citations.

We continue to provide exceptional work on our NLM Indexing and MTIFL Completion contract. For a current list of the 587 MTIFL Journals go to:

Cygnus has an important legacy of advancing the critical scientific mission of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) because of its core competency in healthcare knowledge transfer and management. We have a proven staff with a long history of performing high-quality scientific indexing services for NLM, including this Medical Text Indexer First Line (MTIFL) Pilot Study, which required an expert staff that could research and analyze subject content from a broad spectrum of biomedical information sources worldwide.

Our MTIFL Completion services for NLM’s MEDLINE® database required an exceptional level of human curation of MTIFL results through quality control and unique biomedical subject matter expertise. Our team was selected to serve as revisers of the MTIFL system in Phase I and II of the Pilot Study. During the MTIFL Pilot Study, Cygnus performed the following same reviser tasks for more than 5,000 journal articles:

  • Verification of MeSH® terms indexed by MTIFL;
  • Verification of subheadings applied by MTIFL;
  • Deletion of incorrect MeSH® terms;
  • Designation of IM (*) terms;
  • Addition of any necessary Gene Links;
  • Addition of any necessary Publication Type [PT] (rarely required);
  • Addition of any needed Chemical Flags (rarely required); and
  • Addition of any other required electronic flags (e.g. Overall, History) (rarely needed).

Our team also participated in the NLM online training provided for MTIFL Completion and to improve the MTIFL system, indexers provided NLM staff with feedback on various technical issues discovered during our MTIFL work.

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