Indexing and Cataloging, Purdue Frederick

Developing and maintaining indexing thesaurus with descriptions of vocabulary control conventions. 

Cygnus supported The Purdue Frederick Company, a Biotech and Pharma company in its specialized mission of pain medication research, by providing indexing, cataloging, and data entry of biomedical reports and journal articles.

Our staff furnished editing, copyediting, data entry, proofreading; indexing, coding, and cataloging of reports and unpublished articles; database record creation/development; data formatting; and controlled vocabulary development. Activities included:

  • Indexing of reports and published articles (approximately 600 records per year), covering clinical trials, experimental studies, and in vitro and in vivo studies of Hoffman‑La Roche pharmaceutical products;
  • Coding information on the condition of the patient being treated, disease state, experimental parameters, dosage and route of drug administration, length of treatment, adverse drug reactions, observations of drug effects and measurements, therapy other than pharmaceutical, relationships of test compounds, and study design;
  • Data entry services for record citations, including bibliographic, indexing, cataloging, and coding information; and
  • Providing formatted citations for direct download.

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