Biomedical Imaging Agents Database, NCI, NIH

Designing and maintaining the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Chemical Structures Database.

Cygnus staff was responsible for work which included literature searches, and entry and maintenance of chemical structures of molecular imaging agents from literature articles including the following tasks:

  • Entered structures, chemical data, and associated literature citations into a local ChemFinder™ database;
  • Matched names of imaging agents with names in ChemIDPlus®, MeSH®, United States Adopted Name (USAN), and Merck; identified Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) numbers and potential links or sources for the NCI Imaging Agents database;
  • Reviewed literature articles to establish standards for structure drawing, fields required for data entry, and development of a standardized vocabulary for field entry;
  • Searched alternative structural databases to obtain structures for complex molecules;
  • Reviewed and resolved problem or ambiguous compounds;
  • Identified source articles and all related development articles for each compound in the NCI Imaging Agents database; and
  • Developed and maintained a ProCite database for the selected articles.

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