Computer-Based Searches for Chemical Structures, NCI, NIH

Designing and maintaining NCI database.

Cygnus provided scientific and technical expertise in the design and maintenance of a chemical structure database and offered the following services for the National Cancer Institute (NCI):

  • Conducted full-structure and substructure chemical database searches;
  • Performed data-item database searches (approximately 1,750 per year) of the Developmental Therapeutics Program databases;
  • Conducted bibliographic database searches (MEDLARS®/MEDLINE®, CANCERLIT®, CANCERLINE, TOXLINE, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Online, AIDSLINE, BIOSIS Previews®, AGRICOLA, etc.);
  • Generated systematic CAS nomenclature and citation of source authorities;
  • Maintained search logs encompassing history, components, and results of each search;
  • Maintained information on the SAVE, STRUCTURES, QUERY, and RESULTS files and the current state of each section;
  • Monitored and pinpointed system search shortcomings, problems, and deficiencies;
  • Adjusted search formulations or strategies as required;
  • Maintained awareness of the design, structure, content, and operating characteristics of the NCI Drug Information System;
  • Generated chemical names for approximately 600 compounds per year; and
  • Maintained special files to facilitate the processing of searches, including format statements, query structures, search outputs, utility programs, correspondence files, and chemical names. 

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