Computer-Based Searches for Chemical Structures, NCI, NIH

Designing and maintaining NCI database.

Cygnus provided scientific and technical expertise in the design and maintenance of a chemical structure database and offered the following services for the National Cancer Institute (NCI):

  • Conducted full-structure and substructure chemical database searches;
  • Performed data-item database searches (approximately 1,750 per year) of the Developmental Therapeutics Program databases;
  • Conducted bibliographic database searches (MEDLARS®/MEDLINE®, CANCERLIT®, CANCERLINE, TOXLINE, Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) Online, AIDSLINE, BIOSIS Previews®, AGRICOLA, etc.);
  • Generated systematic CAS nomenclature and citation of source authorities;
  • Maintained search logs encompassing history, components, and results of each search;
  • Maintained information on the SAVE, STRUCTURES, QUERY, and RESULTS files and the current state of each section;
  • Monitored and pinpointed system search shortcomings, problems, and deficiencies;
  • Adjusted search formulations or strategies as required;
  • Maintained awareness of the design, structure, content, and operating characteristics of the NCI Drug Information System;
  • Generated chemical names for approximately 600 compounds per year; and
  • Maintained special files to facilitate the processing of searches, including format statements, query structures, search outputs, utility programs, correspondence files, and chemical names. All files were archived to magnetic tape for quality control and security.

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