ChemIDplus Foreign Drug Names Addition, NLM, NIH

Supporting foreign drug identification. 

Identifying foreign drug names from nonproprietary sources and importing new names into the Oracle portion of ChemIDplus® for the National Library of Medicine (NLM).

The specific tasks performed included the use of a variety of resources to locate nonproprietary foreign names for drug substance. These resources included web resources such as the World Health Organization, pharmaceutical trade associations, and company web sites; electronic resources such as databases including Index Nominum, Rote List, Austria Codex, Pharmaprojects, British Pharmacopeia, Martindale: The Extra Pharmacopeia, and Drug Updates; print resources including European Pharmacopeia, Merck Index, Current Drugs, Unlisted Drugs, and de Haens drug product index, international; and other national pharmacopeias and FDC reports and journals such as Drugs of the Future, and Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics.

The work also included the following expertise and tasks:

  • Quality control of names by checking against the molecular formula in ChemIDplus®;
  • Chemical database support as needed for importing new names into the Oracle portion of ChemIDplus®, making it immediately available to the public for online retrieval;
  • Database development, administration, and management;
  • Web site and traditional scientific searches;
  • Chemical structures development and maintenance; and
  • Overall quality control.

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