BPHC Resources Network, HRSA

Helping to develop a resources network.

Cygnus supported the mission of the Bureau of Primary Health Care (BPHC), through the development of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) BPHC Resources Network (BRN), to serve community groups and safety net providers that share BPHC’s mission  to increase access to comprehensive primary and preventive health care and to improve the health status of underserved and vulnerable populations.   

The basic tasks involved in developing the BRN information and technical assistance response mechanism included information management, processing, and retrieval; information response and referral; and database development and management. A more detailed list of professional services provided on this project by Cygnus included the following:

  • Helpline development and implementation;
  • Development of an inquiry response system;
  • Collected, organized, and identified and assessed assistance resources and materials;
  • Developed databases of assistance resources;
  • Developed policies for responding to assistance requests;
  • Established referral relationships;
  • Maintained requester data;
  • Identified and trained BRN information specialists;
  • Established telephone inquiry system;
  • Prepared and implemented BRN marketing plan;
  • Prepared and implemented a project planning and management plan;
  • Developed documentation of major contract operations procedures;
  • Developed information specialists training program;
  • Designed and implemented a quality management/evaluation system; and
  • Developed contract transition and close out plan.

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