Supporting Changing Human Capital Needs.

Cygnus works with federal clients that have seen significant and sustainable success in addressing employee engagement as part of their human capital initiatives, and as a result, have experienced significant improvement in organizational performance and employee satisfaction. 

We understand the importance of developing human capital strategies consistent with the organization’s culture and leadership commitment. Cygnus has a team of experienced and talented professionals ready to support strategic planning, and organizational and leadership development initiatives that will meet your most complex challenges.  

Government agencies and employees, and businesses in general, are required to do more with less, and do it faster and more effectively. It is not enough to recruit, hire, and train a skilled workforce. According to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the need to focus on employee engagement in the Federal Government is more important than ever. Today, every sector of government needs to ensure the workplace and environment they provide will encourage and support excellence at every level.

Based on the 2014 OPM Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey results, the level of employee satisfaction across the Federal Government was the lowest it had been since 2003. While this finding was disappointing, it offered substantial opportunity to improve employee engagement. Systematic implementation of strategies associated with highly engaged employees has been shown to increase employee productivity, reduce turnover, and improve customer service.

OPM has defined employee engagement as “the sense of purpose that is evident in an employee’s display of dedication, persistence and effort” towards the organization’s mission and goals. While many organizations spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to define their mission and goals, too many spend far less time and money to ensure employees clearly understand what the mission and goals are. Notably, many employees, even when they know the mission and goals, do not have a clear picture of what their role is to achieve those goals; employees who are unclear about their role and the knowledge or skills required for success will have difficulty in increasing their organization’s effectiveness or efficiency.

Employee engagement also affects positive individual and organizational outcomes such as higher retention, increased innovation and productivity, and decreased absenteeism. It is also a strong predictor of both job satisfaction and organizational commitment and performance. OPM has characterized engaged employees as having a greater willingness to put forth extra effort, take risks, and support innovations that benefit themselves, their co-workers, and their organization.


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