Facilitation and Consultation Services, OLPA, NIH

Planning, facilitation, and post-meeting services. 

Cygnus provided facilitation to the Office of Legislative Policy and Analysis (OLPA) for a strategic planning meeting to identify the goals that would guide the office for the next 2 years. The objective of this planning activity was for OLPA to explore the purpose and mission of the Office, including how best to serve the NIH Director, Deputy Director, and other NIH Executive Committee members; identify its stakeholders and examine the importance of these relationships; and consider the operational processes and procedures that would best serve OLPA in carrying out its mission. One of OLPA’s major priorities is to educate Members of Congress, their staff, and NIH stakeholders about the biomedical research enterprise, NIH programs, and importance of NIH research to both the human and economic health of the Nation.

The goal of the meeting was to create a shared sense of vision and commitment, identify processes to enhance, establish, and/or streamline to create a more efficient organization, and a renewed energy to carry out the exciting work of OLPA.

  • Agenda planning. Cygnus worked with OLPA leadership in identifying key issues for the development of realistic goals and operational changes and designed the format and materials for a 4-hour planning meeting to identify and set realistic goals and objectives for this retreat;
  • Facilitation. Cygnus facilitated this 4-hour strategic planning meeting and was responsible for developing an interactive format and materials for the session to encourage all OLPA staff to participate in the activity and to think more strategically; and
  • Debrief. Cygnus staff provided the post-meeting service of a documented debrief with OLPA leadership to review outcomes, identify positive factors as well as any potential barriers to change, and develop next steps for leadership and managers.

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