A. Trzeciak, Ph.D.

Dr. Trzeciak has been an award-winning NIH researcher, who holds advanced degrees in the biological sciences of biochemistry and genetics. His role on the ChemIDplus Cygnus Team takes full advantage of his specialized focus in biochemistry as well as his substantial background in computer science. He is currently a Cygnus MEDLINE Indexer in the field of biomedical literature for the National Library of Medicine, where he brings his extensive knowledge of both clinical and preclinical subject fields and relevant expertise in literature surveillance of biomedical subject matter to the project.

Following his doctoral studies, Dr. Trzeciak received awards for academic excellence from the Senate of the University of Łódź and for research Excellence from the National Institutes of Health. He has held distinguished research positions at multiple Institutes of NIH and the Bloomberg School of Public Health, at Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Trzeciak has become an expert in the development and utilization of a variety of bio-medical research databases and indexing systems, such as MEDLINE, MeSH, PubMed, UMLS, EMBASE, and ChemIDplus; and is computer literate in a number of statistical and chemical research and structural software systems including SIS, ISIS Base Draw, as well as other systems.

During the past decade, Dr. Trzeciak has published more than 30 peer-reviewed articles on a range of research subjects and has also given nearly 50 scientific presentations on a variety of topics, to high-level scientific audiences in the U.S. and Europe. He speaks Polish and Russian.

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