A. Trzeciak, Ph.D.

After the completion of his doctoral studies, Dr. Trzeciak received the Medal “For Glorious Studies” from the Academic Senate of Łódź University, as well as NIH’s FARE 2004 Award (Fellows Award for Research Excellence), based on scientific merit, originality, experimental design, and overall quality/presentation of the submitted abstract. He brings extensive knowledge of both clinical and preclinical subject fields and relevant expertise in literature surveillance of biomedical subject matter. His specialized focus in biochemistry and its related fields makes him highly qualified in joining our Cygnus Chemical Query Indexing team. Like the other members of our chemical query team, Dr. Trzeciak is particularly qualified in the arenas of chemical and biomedical literature surveillance and review, as well as in the areas of quality control and computer-based chemical and scientific applications.

Dr. Trzeciak is an award winning NIH researcher with a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (Biology and Genetics) from Łódź University, Poland and speaks Russian as well as Polish.

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