Scientific Writing and Publications Development, NIAAA, NIH

Providing communications and technical expertise. 

Cygnus provided a variety of these services to the Office of the Director, National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), including:

  • Writing, editing, proofreading, and publication management;
  • Information retrieval, synthesis, and analysis;
  • Publication production;
  • Graphic design and desktop publishing;
  • Technical assistance with management information systems;
  • Administrative support for grants management; and
  • Conference support.

Collection, Synthesis, and Reporting of Information in Specific Areas of Research Importance to NIAAA. This involved retrieving research information from a variety of sources, including NIAAA publications, reports, and grant abstracts; synthesizing the information; and writing program papers on 25 topics selected by NIAAA, ranging from genetics and treatment, to advertising.

Editorial, Graphic Arts, Desktop Publishing, and Production Management Support for Monographs. Cygnus prepared monographs and managed the publication process, on a variety of topics, including the effects of alcohol on high-risk youth, alcohol-induced brain damage, the economics of alcohol abuse, and the use of magnetic resonance imaging in alcohol research.

Support for the Completion of Chapter Manuscripts for the 9th Special Report to the U.S. Congress on Alcohol and Health. This report contains current information on the health consequences of using alcoholic beverages and a description of current research findings on alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

Publication Support for the Institute’s 10-Year Plan. This congressionally-mandated report lays out NIAAA’s long-term strategies for its research program. Cygnus’ support included reviewing the plan and suggesting appropriate graphics, preparing those graphics, and designing the format and layout of the publication itself, in addition to writing and editing 300 Abstracts for NIAAA Research Grants.

Quick-Response Publication Services. Quick-response activities included preparing camera-ready copy for a conference brochure and coordinating its printing as well as typing and proofreading grant application summary statements. Both activities were completed in a matter of days.

Graphic Design Services. Examples of slides designed and produced included biomedical illustrations about the molecular biology of addiction, organizational charts, text and charts about research training and career development for psychiatrists, and NIAAA policy.

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