Impact of Substance Abuse to Program Delivery Study, ACF

Researching impact of substance abuse on service delivery programs.

This research effort assessed how recent changes in the incidence of substance abuse impacted human service programs administered by the Administration on Children, Youth & Families (ACYF), a part of the Administration for Children & Families (ACF).  The primary purpose of the study was to assess the size and nature of the impact of substance abuse on these various service delivery systems.

Cygnus services included:

  • Survey research;
  • Analysis of service delivery systems; and
  • Site visitation and assessment.

Specific project objectives were to assess:

  • Impact of substance abuse on current service delivery;
  • Number of children served from families including someone with a substance abuse problem;
  • Impact of changes in substance abuse on recruitment and retention of foster and adoptive parents;
  • Capability of service providers to change behavior of substance-abusing parents; and
  • Current responses of service delivery systems to children and families involved with substance abuse.

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