Caribbean Drug Control Conference, ONDCP

Providing conference management, logistical services, and a conference report for international distribution.

Cygnus assisted the Executive Office of the President with logistical support for this 3-day international conference held in Florida for 150 participants including leaders from 13 independent sovereign island nations in the Caribbean and senior officials from Europe and the United States representing 12 Caribbean territories. 

While maintaining complex protocol and security measures, Cygnus provided:

  • Site selection, hotel negotiations, exhibit management, press conferences, participant registration, seating arrangements, and overall logistics assistance;
  • Preparation of meeting materials including:
    • Meeting logo;
    • Elaborate signage used throughout the event;
    • Participant materials such as tent cards and name badges; and
    • Writing an agenda, conference notebook, and detailed remarks for the moderator.
  • Participant database development;
  • Biographies of speakers and workshop chairpersons;
  • A briefing book that we developed for the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) Director; and
  • Payment and cost reimbursement services.

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