Breast & Prostate Cancer PRGs' Meetings, NCI

Managing conference planning and logistics.  

Providing all levels of planning and meeting management to both the Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer Progress Review Groups (PRGs), National Cancer Institute (NCI), we helped conduct a major meeting of up to 300 participants, 5 PRG meetings, and 5 PRG conference calls for up to 30 sites for each of these PRGs.

Meeting Management:

  • Site selections and contract negotiations;
  • Preparation and distribution of preconference, on-site conference information packages, and post-conference reviewer materials;
  • Registration of participants;
  • Assistance with participant travel arrangements;
  • Arrangements for meeting rooms and all required audiovisual equipment;
  • Preparation of conference signage, name badges, tent cards, etc. required for each meeting;
  • Provision of on-site assistance as required; and
  • Reimbursement of authorized participant expenses.

Call Management:

  • Arrangements for all conference calls;
  • Preparation and distribution of all preconference call information packages, call confirmation and instruction letters, and post-conference call reviewer materials; and
  • Monitoring and providing assistance as needed during each conference call. 


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