Administrative and Travel Management, AILA

Offering publications, meeting management, travel support, and database support.

Cygnus’ services to the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), a national association of 3,200 members, included a range of specific capabilities, including:  

  • Preparation of newsletters, brochures, and promotional materials for AILA’s subscription and meeting activities;
  • Design and production management;
  • Assistance for identifying and selecting 10–15 meeting and convention sites annually;
  • Arranging travel, and negotiating airline expenses and meeting facilities contracts;
  • Maintenance of AILA’s membership database which included information on dues and other payment receipts and members’ and nonmembers’ journal subscriptions;
  • Provided caging of cash receipts, mailing of a monthly professional journal to member and nonmember subscribers, and mailing of all dues and subscription statements; and 
  • Assistance with the analysis of data regarding the service needs of its membership.

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