N. Veniaminov, Diploma of Physician (Doctor of Medicine)

Dr. Nikita Veniaminov is one of Cygnus’ longest-term Indexers for our MEDLINE contract with the National Library of Medicine, NIH. Dr. Veniaminov has an expansive career with a medical degree in general and internal medicine and specialties in Cardiology and Anesthesiology, as well as extensive training in Intensive Care and the diagnosis as well as the treatment of internal diseases.

No matter if he is visiting with family overseas or with his children in Washington State, Nikita fulfills all work expectations, and more. We know we can count on him for incredible MEDLINE and MTIFL production and when he is able to participate in local Cygnus functions or training, we know he will be in attendance.

Dr. Veniaminov is a person with a strong work ethic and ability to provide excellent service to Cygnus. We consider Nikita our very own international man of mystery, traveling the world with his laptop in hand and know we can count on him to be one of our top producers no matter where he is and look forward to a great story or two of his travels.

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