Monique Murray

Ms. Murray is the Administrative Director for Cygnus and responsible for all administrative aspects of the corporation, including staffing and employment services, facilities management, telecommunications needs, database management, fulfillment, purchasing, shipping/receiving, and oversight of budget development and implementation. She also works on project management and contract management and reporting requirements; supports the annual development of business and operational plans tied to the corporation’s strategic plan and budget; directs human resource and capital management functions through the oversight of employee performance appraisals, any conflict resolution, policy and procedure development and implementation; handles benefits administration and payroll; manages recruitment and onboarding of prospective staff, consultants, and any temporary staffing requirements; and is liaison to the Board of Directors where she sits on the Strategic Planning Committee.

Ms. Murray has spent more than 20 years providing corporate and project management; administration specialization; bookkeeping; information services, including scientific literature surveillance, marketing, and scientific database development; and editorial expertise to key entities supporting the public and private health system. 

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