Migena Ndrenika

Migena Ndrenika’s responsibilities at Cygnus specifically include oversight and implementation of accounting and financial reporting functions. In this capacity, she supports the President, Vice President, and the Administrative Director in helping lead the finance and administrative functions to foster growth for the corporation. Ms. Ndrenika works closely with Cygnus’ leadership and project staff to organize, plan, and manage various corporate activities including budgeting and cost analysis, general office administration, production, purchasing, and facilities management. She also works on a daily basis with the firm’s project management team to prepare budgets, oversee and manage project finances, and ensure effective use of corporate and project resources. Ms. Ndrenika has previous experience as a Banker and Manager for Capital One Bank and has more than a decade of experience in banking: management and operations, policy and procedures, and research and general ledger reviews. Ms. Ndrenika has won accolades for developing and leading her retail banking team to achieve exceptional performance, including perfect ratings on annual quality control audits. Consistently recognized for resolving outstanding general ledgers in record time and maintaining a zero-level compliance status, she possesses a thorough knowledge of accounting principles and regulation.

Ms. Ndrenika has kept up-to-date with changes in the federal contracting industry through continuing professional development and has an M.S. in Accounting from Strayer University and a B.S. in Electronic Engineering from Tirana University, Albania. She is a member of the Alpha Chi National College Honor Scholarship Society and a Recipient of the Dean’s Graduate Honor List Certificate. 

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