M. Wunder, Ph.D.

Dr. Wunder currently serves in the dual capacity of Lead Chemist and Project Manager in support of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) ChemIDplus project entitled “Chemical Structure and Data Support and Maintenance for NLM/Specialized Information Services (SIS) Web Applications.” As Project Manager, he oversees all deliverables, manages the budget, and organizes all reporting activities. In the role of Lead Chemist, Dr. Wunder performs critical tasks related to database quality control (QC), chemical structure and analysis, structure resolution troubleshooting, data collection and entry, and collection of new content.

With more than two decades of experience as a Principal Investigator, Scientific Program Manager, and Instructor who has led efforts in both academia and industry, Dr. Wunder is a highly qualified Synthetic Chemist who has up-to-date toxicological and biological knowledge and a solid chemical and drug research background. He has acquired a vast chemical knowledge including the use of databases to research and gather information about molecules, chemical classification, nomenclature, QC, and laboratory methods, and has a strong background in scientific computer applications as well.

After a postdoctoral fellowship at Northwestern University, Dr. Wunder joined Ohmx Corporation, a clinical diagnostics and biomedical start-up company. As Ohmx’s Chemical and Biological Safety Officer, he expanded his expertise in synthetic chemistry, researched and analyzed patents, and gained an extensive knowledge of toxicology and the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA). Dr. Wunder was responsible for researching, filing, updating, and presenting patent research and analysis information, which required the use of numerous chemical and drug databases, and an ability to provide a high level of quality control in regard to research documents and chemical structures. In this role, he also developed substantial biomedical and chemical knowledge and familiarity with a variety of additional scientific and biomedical databases. We are excited to have him on our Team.

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