Helen J. Dickerson

As President, Chairwoman, and co-founder of Cygnus, Helen Dickerson has served as Corporate Officer and Monitor for innovative health and social research and communications contracts for a spectrum of government agencies. Ms. Dickerson has provided more than a quarter century of sound vision and expert leadership and has substantial experience in a range of real-world practice gained through oversight of more than 260 Federal Government contracts. Under her watch, Cygnus has performed a full range of information collection and analysis, technical assistance, scientific data collection and analysis, scientific database development and maintenance, management integration of health IT and policy systems, and auxiliary management support services for a large range of clients in the health arena. This work has contributed to the managed evolution of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) health information efforts in new technologies, structure, staff realignments, policy initiatives, and review.

Ms. Dickerson has overseen the creation of inventive marketing programs to enable communication between audiences and stakeholders, and provided her experienced vision to focus expectations, shape new methods of dialogue, integrate teams, and manage training objectives. She is a graduate of the Illinois State University College of Education. 

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