H. Lin, Ph.D.

Dr. Huei-Min Lin is a skilled biomedical Indexer who works on the Cygnus MEDLINE contract for the National Library of Medicine, NIH. Dr. Lin has a Ph.D. in Microbiology and an M.S. in Agricultural Chemistry. She was also awarded a Post-doctorate in Pathology and received the Cancer Research Training Award from NIH more than five times.

Huei-Min is also very competent in learning new software and database systems which has made her a tremendous asset to the Cygnus team. Dr. Lin has published peer-reviewed research, translated Chinese scientific literature and research, and continues to share her teaching expertise. Along with her knowledge of the e-medical records system and her strong background in a broad range of biomedical and healthcare topics, she has made herself indispensable as one of our top MEDLINE and MTIFL producers.

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