G. Bogelman, Diploma of Physician (Doctor of Medicine)

Dr. Galina Bogelman is an experienced biomedical Indexer on the Cygnus MEDLINE contract for the National Library of Medicine, NIH. Not only does Galina’s background include a Diploma of Physician (Doctor of Medicine, M.D.) and Fellowship in Clinical Immunology, with a Certificate of Immunologist/Allergist, but also the completion of two residencies in geriatric medicine and psychiatry, as well as the NIH Certificate Principles and Practice of Clinical Research. 

With Dr. Bogelman’s extensive direct patient care experience and strong knowledge of medical and scientific terminology, she comes with a broad knowledge of the e-medical records system and learns new software applications, systems, and databases easily. She is fluent in Hebrew and a Russian native speaker.

Her overachievement is our gain; with a philosophy of being proactive and reaching out before a problem might arise, delivering her work not only on time, but early. This has made Galina an excellent addition to our team and enabled us to smoothly add her to other projects like scientific coding, allowing Cygnus to expand our performance of work with NIH. 

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