E. Zaks-Makhina, Ph.D.

Dr. Elena Zaks-Makhina is a biomedical Indexer working on the Cygnus MEDLINE contract with the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at NIH and one of our top producers on that contract. As an award-winning Geneticist with a focus in preclinical areas including biochemistry, biotechnology, and space medicine, Elena has also received multiple awards and grants from NIH and the American Heart Association for research projects that have focused not just on genetics, but on microbiology, drug discovery, neuroscience, and electrophysiology as well.

As the major presenter of her critical research results, at both national and international scientific meetings, Dr. Zaks-Makhina has also written and prepared numerous articles for peer-reviewed journals; she was a Principal Investigator for biomedical research at the University of Pittsburg School of Medicine; and adds to our United Nations at Cygnus as one of our native Russian translators. 

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