E. Schultze

Elizabeth (Beth) Schultze is a skilled biomedical Indexer who has been working on the MEDLINE contract for the National Library of Medicine (NLM), NIH since the 1990s. With her B.S. in the Biological Sciences, as well her extensive indexing, coding, cataloging, abstracting, and writing, Beth Schultze is a dedicated Health Communication and Information Specialist. 

As the Project Manager of another company, Beth was instrumental in ensuring an uninterrupted workflow on MEDLINE and other contracts as they moved to Cygnus upon purchase of the company following owner retirement. Fluent in Spanish, she is familiar with various editing styles, and wrote a Procedures and Processing Manual for a National Aeronautics and Space Administration database. 

Ms. Schultze’s ongoing and past experience as a Scientific Writer and Editor, along with her knowledge from Medical Information and Biological Data Control Specialist positions, made her an ideal candidate to rejoin the Cygnus team as a MEDLINE Indexer. We can only hope there will continue to be people like Beth who want to do this work and are glad to have her onboard with us. 

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