E. Rudnic, M.B.A.

Elizabeth (Beth) Rudnic is a skilled biomedical Indexer who works on the Cygnus MEDLINE contract for the National Library of Medicine, NIH. While Ms. Rudnic has an M.B.A in Marketing, she is a Registered Pharmacist, and her B.S. in Pharmacy has given her the expertise in Pharmacology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry, making her one of our leading Indexers of both medical and pharmaceutical journals. 

As a pharmaceutical and marketing consultant, Beth had a significant coup by performing a major analysis of the operational needs of a pharmaceutical company, which resulted in a proposal for developing a corporate scientific research information database. In addition, Ms. Rudnic conducted market research focusing on physicians’ habits and how they related to prescribing of generic drugs. 

This strong consulting work is what appealed to Cygnus in hiring her as a medical Indexer and she has not failed us since 2003, having a near-perfect accuracy record. 

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