E. Endeshaw

Mr. Endeshaw fuses a unique background and experience in chemical and pharmaceutical research, analytics, and computer science. His work as a Chemist includes expertise and familiarity in pharmaceutical research and development, analysis, drug testing methods and tools, laboratory management, research and data collection, IT research systems, and knowledge of drug compounds and regulatory guidelines.

Having supported critical research with a focus on new drug products, he has expertise in such challenging work as assay development and optimization to detect fibronectin through fluorescent and enzyme-based immunoassays; and has contributed specialized capabilities and personal knowledge-base in research and development of potential compounds and hormones, and complex dosage forms to support varied manufacturing processes within a number of diverse, collaborative, and multidisciplinary research environments.

Mr. Endeshaw is currently working towards an advanced degree in the computer sciences, where he has relevant experience and training in programing and database administration, as well as in utilizing chemical structures software. His particular focus within the computer sciences has been in the research and development of new AI software-based tools and methods for improved database/information translation and automation to support research and knowledge curation of chemical and biological innovation. We are excited to have him join the Cygnus Team as both a Chemist and Programmer.

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