Delivering meeting management support for hundreds of events for numerous government and private sector clients.

Cygnus is known for planning and staffing flawless events and activities that include conferences, workshops, symposia, seminars, committee meetings, grant review cycles, advisory panel sessions, and exhibit presentations. Cygnus offers services to facilitate every aspect of event planning and management. The number of participants at our events has ranged from 20 to 4,000.

To plan a successful meeting:

  • We search and recommend potential meeting sites;
  • Negotiate facilities and support services contracts;
  • Correspond with participant, speakers, trainers, and exhibitors to coordinate registration, travel arrangements, and participation; and
  • Design program formats and develop agendas.

To ensure that our clients’ events run smoothly, our staff provides:

  • On-site support to participants;
  • Expert facilitation for conducting meetings;
  • Management of audiovisual equipment;
  • Coordination of exhibitions and special events;
  • Assistance with personal needs of participants;  
  • Processing of continuing education credits, expense reimbursements, and honoraria for participants; and
  • Development and assembly of all publications and materials clients may need, before, during, and after the meeting or conference, including:
    • Promotional, invitational, and registration materials;
    • Online, mail, telephone, and on-site registration procedures and materials;
    • Briefing books, research papers and reports, and other relevant background materials;
    • Name badges, tent cards, participant lists, and agendas;
    • Slides, posters, and other visual aids; and
    • Transcripts, proceedings, and meeting summaries. 

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