Learning and development for employee success and organizational growth.

Cygnus worked with the Office of Workforce Effectiveness and Resources (OWER), National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). NIAID operations require a wide range of management and organizational skills of both scientific and other staff to accomplish their scientific research and guide the Institute’s success. We supplied strategic planning, program evaluation, operational support, needs assessments, as well as publication and writing services. 

With more than 200 offerings, selected descriptions of offerings include:  

  • Navigating NIAID Welcome Workshop and New Employee On-Boarding Program—a year-long program to assist with the assimilation and integration of new staff to NIAID beginning with a mandatory orientation;
  • The Art of Leadership—a multi-session program open to GS-12s and above to develop and enhance their leadership skills. It included a leadership coaching component of one-on-one guidance from a qualified leadership coach;
  • Essentials of Supervision—a mandatory program of seven sessions for supervisors with 5 or less years of supervisory experience within NIAID to provide knowledge and tools for successful supervision at NIAID. It included a 360° feedback tool and two individual coaching sessions on the feedback provided. This course has since been utilized by other Institutes; and
  • Executive Coaching—available one-on-one guidance from a certified executive coach to assist senior leaders with meeting short- and long-term goals.
  • Career Development—classes in specialized topics to assist NIAID staff in fully developing their careers and career potential. Held Career Development classes for 132 employees including VideoCasts and in-person classes at Rocky Mountain Labs. Topics included Email Excellence, Making Your Best Speech Ever, Powerful Presentations, Scientific Presentations and Individual Development Plans and Effective Communication and Customer Service;
  • Organizational Consulting—provided organizational development consulting, interventions, customized training, additional conflict management and team building, retreat design, and facilitation; 
  • Focus on Leadership—researched and interviewed appropriate candidates for a speaker series, one-time educational presentations on diverse topics; and provided advertisement, logistics support, materials distribution, and tracking services; and
  • Unit-based Training and Practical Management Skills Workshops—individualized workshops and manuals developed on topics like meeting, time, conflict, and change management.

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